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ENTRY CODES are assigned to residents-only by the Association's accountant. Call the CPA, Bob Marconi, at 305 235-9515, to register for your entry gate code, to order a new or replacement transmitter, and for all other problems or questions about gate codes or transmitters, including the costs and documentation required to register.

VISITORS to Sundance. Remember to give your 3-digit gate code to your guests and any transport service or delivery personnel you are expecting-in order to avoid backups at the visitor's call box. Instruct your visitors to enter your code, and then press the CALL button. The system will automatically dial your home phone so that you can open the visitor's gate. (You must be registered with the CPA's office in order to obtain a gate code for your visitors.)

PRESS 9 on your home telephone when someone calls you from the visitor's call box by holding "9" for several seconds, the tone will open the visitor's gate. (Cellular & portable phones do not work.) Visitors should park along the roads, or in a driveway-no parking on the grass.

Instructions for visitors to use the entry gates are available in English or Spanish - just download them, or request a copy by e-mailing sundancerez@aol.com.

PEDESTRIANS may enter safely through the walk-in gate by entering the code on the keypad. At the sound of the buzzer, the lock will release and pedestrians may pull open the door. (For security reasons, the code is only given to residents of Sundance. by e-mailing sundancerez@aol.com.)

PROBLEMS AT THE ENTRY GATES. If you witness anyone forcing the barrier arms or gates to gain entry, Do not confront the offender; instead, take note of the vehicle and tag number and note the address to which they go. Then report the incident by e-mailing sundancerez@aol.com. Or, call 911 to report a break-in, in progress.

REPORT damages or malfunction of the entrance gates by calling the Association's telephone number and leaving a message. The Board of Directors relies on the cooperation of all residents in Sundance to report problems at the entry gates so that the barrier arms & gates and can be kept in good working condition. Your help is appreciated.

NO TAILGATING - Violators who tailgate others through the entry gates or force entry resulting in damages will be investigated and charged for the cost of repairing any damage to the wrought-iron gates or the barrier arms.


At the ENTRANCE gate for residents, remember to wait until the barrier arm drops behind the car in front of you, before pressing your transmitter button. This allows the mechanism to reset, preventing a mechanical malfunction. Drivers should not attempt to tailgate another car to gain entry-you will be responsible for damages to the gates and/or to your vehicle.

At the EXIT gate, wait in front of the speed bump until the barrier arm drops behind the car in front of you before proceeding. This allows the system to reset its timing mechanism and the sensor to detect your vehicle for raising the barrier arm. Don't tailgate through the Exit!

ROADS inside Sundance are privately owned and maintained by The Missions Homeowners Association. All drivers of motor vehicles (including motorized scooters and electric mini-cars) must obey the road signs, including the 15 MPH Speed Limit, all STOP, and ONE-WAY signs.

WATCH OUT for pedestrians along the roads and for Children at Play while driving in Sundance. This is especially important on weekends and during summer vacation.

NO PARKING ON THE GRASS. Parking on the grass is not permitted at any time-including in front of homes by, as it destroys the grass (especially during the rainy season), as well as causes damage to underground sprinkler systems. Vehicles found parked on the grass in the common areas, parks, and around the entry gates will be towed away at the owner's expense.

Parking on lawns in Sundance is against the By-laws. The Architectural committee makes monthly inspections and if your lawn looks like cars are regularly parked there, you will be fined. It is also a By-law to keep your lawn trimmed and free of weeds and your home painted, in good repair and clean. It is also a FINABLE offense to park your vehicle, on common grassy areas anywhere in Sundance. You may park on the street without blocking driveways or street circulation. Common areas have sprinklers. When residents, guests, visitors or vendors park in our common areas, they can break sprinkler heads. When this happens, we ALL pay to repair them.

Remember, parking commercial vehicles, trailers, RVs or boats overnight, in Sundance is against the By-laws and finable.

Please do not tailgate. Please tell guests and hired workers to follow the appropriate procedures: Provide them with your call box number and instruct them to refrain from tailgating.

PICK-UP TRUCKS and commercial vehicles owned by residents or homeowners may not be parked in driveways at any time of the day or night. These vehicles must be garaged when not in use, or owners can be fined and legal action taken. This prohibition does not apply to SUVs or the temporary parking of commercial trucks such as pool, lawn or air conditioning maintenance or repairs services.


MIAMI-DADE Solid Waste Management is scheduled to collect garbage twice a week in our area, on Monday and Thursday mornings. Sundance residents may place garbage containers near the street no earlier than 6 pm the evening before pickup, and must remove the containers from the street after collection on pickup days.

GARBAGE CONTAINERS must be stored out of sight from the streets except on collection days. Please note, Miami-Dade Waste Management workers will not lift oversized containers, collect torn garbage bags, or pick up rubbish that has spilled from ripped garbage bags.

RECYCLING by the Miami-Dade Curbside Program is scheduled to collect on Thursdays only. Glass, Newspaper, Plastics and Steel & Aluminum cans are recycled. Call 305 633-3100 to order new or replacement recycling bins.

TRASH and Littering is a constant problem in Sundance. The Association's trash container is located in the storage area near the Exit gate. Help keep our community clean by collecting and tossing any trash found on along the roads during your daily walk …or anytime! Visitors may also use the Association's container for trash. Please Don't Litter!


MAJOR HOME IMPROVEMENT projects, or any major changes to the exterior of houses must be pre-approved by the Architectural Committee. This includes any major landscaping, new driveways, balcony enclosures or other structural alterations, the installation of storm shutters, or satellite dishes, etc. BEFORE starting any work, homeowners must submit a letter of proposal (with diagram, if applicable) in advance and in writing to the Association, along with a check for the $10 filing fee (no cash please).

THE ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE periodically walks through Sundance to inspect all the exteriors of homes for needed maintenance or repairs-in an effort to maintain the highest possible real estate values within the community. You may at some time receive a Doorknob Notice or a letter from the Committee to remind you that your home needs maintenance such as, cleaning mildew, re-painting exteriors, repairing mailboxes, or maintaining landscapes. To avoid the necessity of follow up measures, please do the maintenance work or repairs as indicated before the deadline date. Failure to comply can result in fines. Call if you have any questions-your cooperation is appreciated.

GRASS AND LANDSCAPING must be maintained at all times. Lawns should be well maintained and mowed regularly, especially during the rainy season. County ordinance requires that bushes and hedges do not exceed six feet in height. Tree limbs should be kept trimmed to avoid causing damage to any structures during windstorms. This is especially important during hurricane season, which begins on June 1 and ends on November 30. Trailing plants and vines, as well as tree limbs should be cut back regularly to avoid encroachment on neighboring properties.

A PRESSURE CLEANER owned by the Association is available to any homeowner to use Free of Charge. (User must accept all liabilities.) To reserve the washer, please call one week in advance by e-mailing sundancerez@aol.com.


HURRICANE SHUTTERS may not be put up unless a hurricane watch or warning has been posted for South Florida. Homeowners who will be out of town during the hurricane season may not put up shutters or close permanently installed shutters while they are out of town unless the threat of a hurricane is imminent. Once the watch or warning has been lifted, shutters must be removed within fourteen (14) days. If you have special needs and require help to install or remove your shutters, call the Association and we will try to recruit someone to assist you.

DOGS must be leashed at all times while in public areas within Sundance. Documented cases of dogs that are allowed to run loose in the community can result in fines to the owners. It is the responsibility of the dog's owner to remove and dispose of any excrement deposited by their dogs, whether on common property or any individual lot in the community.

Pet refuse must, by Miami-Dade County law, be picked up. It is considered a nuisance with a fine of $50-$160. Anyone observing a resident not following this law should contact the Board. If possible, take a picture of the resident and/or animal in question.

SCHOOLS zoned for Sundance are the following Miami Dade County Public Schools: William Lehman Elementary 305 273-2140, Arvida Middle School 305 385-7144, and Miami Killian Senior High School 305 271-3311. For more information visit: http://www.dadeschools.net.

A NO SOLICITING sign is posted at the entrance gate. Soliciting is not allowed, except children's school-related sales.

FOR SALE & realtor signs must measure 12"x12" or less in size to be posted on the front lawn of the home. GARAGE SALES and signs for them are not allowed.

HOMEOWNERS DUES are annual assessments paid to the Homeowners Association by every homeowner in Sundance. The CPA collects the dues to pay for the administrative costs of maintaining the community, including upkeep of common areas, sprinkler systems, gate maintenance and repairs, water and electricity expenses, among others. All homeowners are billed twice a year. The bill for the January-thru-June assessment is mailed in December and is due on January 1st. The bill for the July-thru-December assessment is mailed in June and is due on July 1st. A $10 late fee is added if dues are not paid by the 15th of the month, and if dues are unpaid at the end of the month, they are considered LATE and are referred to the attorney for collection, who will charge added fees and place a lien on the property. Be sure to pay your homeowner's dues on time to avoid the obligation of paying the attorney's collection fees. Homeowners Dues may be paid in advance at the beginning of each year. If you wish to pay in advance, notify the accountant Bob Marconi, at 305 235-9515.

LEGAL MATTERS. If you have any legal questions or a problem regarding any legal matter related to the Homeowners Association in Sundance, refer your questions to the attorney for the Association, Mr. Barry Simons at (305) 670-7020.

QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS of a general nature can be made by e-mailing the Association at sundancerez@aol.com. Please leave a message with your name and your telephone number, and a member of the Board of Directors will return your call as soon as possible. Send letters to: The Missions Homeowners Association, 8306 Mills Drive, Box 302, Miami, Florida, 33183.