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Approved Mailboxes

Reminders to ALL Sundance Homeowners

  • Pet refuse must, by Miami-Dade County law, be picked up. It is considered a nuisance with a fine of $50-$160. Anyone observing a resident not following this law should contact the Board. If possible, take a picture of the resident and/or animal in question.
  • Parking on lawns in Sundance is against the By-laws. The Architectural committee makes monthly inspections and if your lawn looks like cars are regularly parked there, you will be fined. It is also a By-law to keep your lawn trimmed and free of weeds and your home painted, in good repair and clean. It is also a FINABLE offense to park your vehicle, on common grassy areas anywhere in Sundance. You may park on the street without blocking driveways or street circulation. Common areas have sprinklers. When residents, guests, visitors or vendors park in our common areas, they can break sprinkler heads. When this happens, we ALL pay to repair them.
  • Remember, parking commercial vehicles, trailers, RVs or boats overnight, in Sundance is against the By-laws and finable.
  • Keep your trash/recycle bins out of sight on non collection days as this is a finable offense.
  • Please do not tailgate. Please tell guests and hired workers to follow the appropriate procedures: Provide them with your call box number and instruct them to refrain from tailgating.
  • Home Depot has matching house paint colors for Sundance. You can now purchase your paint at either Home Depot or Sherwin Williams. The wall color at Home Depot is Creamy White in semi-gloss finish. They have three grades that are of different costs. If you go to the front desk, ask for a 10% discount. For doors, us a semi gloss finish.
  • The Board voted to change the trim color to Sherwin Williams Black Bean to give the community a more "updated" appearance. The next time you paint, please change the trim (Barn Red) to the new Black Bean color in satin finish.