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Construction of Roads and Website Coming Soon


If your property is adjacent to the turnpike, Killian Drive, or 117th Avenue, your peace and quiet is often disturbed by the sound of noisy traffic on those roadways. Now there is a solution thanks to one of your neighbors and a company they found.

Martha and Luis Victoria, whose house backs up to the Florida Turnpike, were tired of the heavy truck and motorcycle traffic that often disturbed their sleep, so they did some research that paid off. A California based company, Soundproof Windows, has developed noise reduction window products that can reduce outside noise levels up to 95%. Martha stated, "...the improvement is fantastic!"

Homeowners can get additional information from the company's website at www.soundproofwindows.com and if you are interested in seeing the finished product, you can contact Martha and Luis to make an appointment to see the windows in their home. You can reach them by email at mvictoria@adelphia.net or by calling 305-273-0341. Please call at a reasonable hour as it is so quiet in their home, they may be sleeping!


Sundance extends a hearty welcome to Maria Franco, Jorge & Janet Solares, Richard & Maria Corrales, Monica Moreno, Alejandro & Monica Carucci, Alvaro & Nerea Alvarez, Sara Vidal, and to Javier, Patricia & Sandra Macedo. Make a special effort to meet your new neighbors. It is the friendly thing to do and could be of great assistance to both of you in a time of need.


All residents are reminded to obey the 15 MPH speed limit and posted STOP signs. Keep in mind that many of the children in our community are shorter than your windshield.

There has been a reduction in graffiti on our exterior walls thanks to the quick work of a few Board members. Taggers like to see their work displayed and we are quick to cover it up.

The vacant lot to the North of Sundance has been cut back a few times over the summer and Team Metro will continue to do so through the rainy season. There is still no information available on the future of the property.


The Board of Directors of the Association met during the summer months to discuss a variety of issues. One of the key concerns is the ongoing deterioration of the roads within the community. Another item under discussion was the establishment of a website for Sundance.

The road issue has been under discussion for several years, but the time is fast approaching when the roads will have to be either re-surfaced or replaced completely. The Board of Directors has solicited information and proposals from several sources to determine the options available. It was determined that the current surfaces can be improved rather than replaced completely. The Association will be able to cover a substantial portion of the cost of this project with the reserves set aside for this purpose. A modest assessment may be required from each owner. It was decided that more information should be gathered and that the issue should be put on the agenda at the annual homeowner's meeting for discussion and approval.

Several Board members researched the cost of putting the Association on the internet. The primary purpose of establishing a website is to allow current homeowners and prospective homebuyers the opportunity to learn more about Sundance. The sight would offer information on the bylaws and restrictions, copies of the Gazette, key phone numbers for owners and visitors to contact, and other valuable information. Approval was given and the website is currently under construction.

The Architectural Committee reported that recent site visits have resulted in numerous notices and letters being sent to owners. Many of the notices involve landscaping issues. Due to the recent heavy rainfalls, grass and bushes have grown at an accelerated rate and need to be serviced more frequently. The added moisture has also left many driveways in need of pressure cleaning and/or sealing. The responsibility for the ongoing maintenance of each property lies with the owner and not the Association.

Richard Ruben, who has served on the Board for many years, mostly in the position of Vice-President, will be relocating soon to Broward County and, as such, has submitted his resignation from the Board. Richard's legal expertise will be greatly missed and the community wishes the very best to him and his family. Homeowners interested in serving on the Board of Directors are urged to contact the Association.