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Annual Picnic Promises To Be The Best Ever!


Sunday, January 14th is the date for the annual Sundance Picnic. We will begin gathering in the large common area at noon and the picnic will last until either the food is gone or the last person leaves! If you have participated in any of the past picnics, you already know that there is good food and fun times to be shared by everyone. Your Association will provide all of the food and refreshments. So what is there for you to do?

First of all, if you would like to help with the event, please call Norma Sullivan, Sundance's "Hostess with the Mostest", at 305-598-6618. Second, if you plan to attend, please call the Association and leave a brief message stating your name and how many from your family will be attending. This will help us in determining how much food is needed (we don't want to run out).

On the day of the picnic, please bring folding chairs or a blanket to sit on and, if you play an instrument, bring it along as we may have a big Sundance "jam session". Any talent or skills that you have that can be shared with others, please let us know. There will even be raffles and prizes for several lucky residents. Come on out and meet your neighbors on the 14th.

During the annual meeting, an informal discussion was held regarding ideas for the homeowners and residents involvement. Although it is illegal to have private garage sales, there was discussion of having a community-wide Sundance garage sale. This will be introduced at the next Board meeting. There was also a request to install benches in the large common area for use by all residents. This suggestion will be forwarded to the attorney and insurance company for an opinion on liability. The Board will also approach the School District, which owns the property just south of Sundance, about developing a park on the site. Another owner inquired about erecting concrete barriers along the turnpike to muffle the traffic sounds. It was suggested that the Kendall Area Homeowners Association, of which Sundance is a member, be approached for their involvement. Many thanks to all of our homeowners for their continued interest and involvement.


If you haven't had a chance to stroll through Sundance at night, take the time to see the beautiful decorations installed by your neighbors before they are removed by February 1st (hint, hint).


The Board of Directors of the Association met in October and November. Following the approval of the minutes of the earlier meetings, the Board discussed several issues in the community. There have been several reports of dogs running around unleashed in the complex that have no visible collars or tags. Every effort will be made to locate the owners and notify them of the Association rules and regulations regarding pet controls.

Comprehensive guidelines were discussed and adopted for the Architectural Committee. Owners will be notified of deficiencies and given up to 30 days to complete the work. Fines will be assessed for those not in compliance and if the fines are not paid and the work not completed on second notice, the matter will be turned over to the Association attorney. The object of the Committee is to protect the value of everyone's property by keeping all homesites looking their best. Mr. Peter Guter has also volunteered to serve on the Architectural Committee. All owners are asked to make improvements to their property before receiving Committee notices.

The annual meeting of the Homeowners Association was held on November 30. Many thanks to Rosalyn Gherardi for arranging the meeting at the beautiful Dadeiand Marriott.

Following the introduction of the members of the Board of Directors by President Mike Robbie, the Association Certified Public Accountant, Mr. Bob Marconi, presented an overview of the financial position for those in attendance. He stated that we are in solid financial shape and again complimented the Board on being one of the better managed properties that he is involved with. There was a discussion of the reserve funds and it was determined that those funds should continue to be invested and earmarked for needed road repairs.

Two amendments to the bylaws were presented, discussed and passed by a wide majority. Effective January 1, vehicles may only be parked on visible grassy areas when driveways are under repair. In the second amendment, any new rental leases must include a security escrow amount of $1,500.00. Copies of the official amendments will be sent to all homeowners under separate cover.

Julie Alaimo, Norma Sullivan and Rosalyn Gherardi were re-elected to new three-year terms on the Board. All officers of the Board were also re-elected unanimously. Prior to adjournment, plans were discussed for the annual Sundance picnic. The next meetings of the Board of Directors are scheduled for January 16 and February 20.