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Q. How do I contact The Missions Homeowners Association? A. You may call the message center at 305 270-4787 and leave a message. A member of the Board of Directors will return your call as soon as possible. If you prefer to write a letter, send it to the Board of Directors at 8306 Mills Drive, Box 302, Miami, Florida 33183, or send it via E-Mail to sundance@sundance-missions.com

Q. How do I get in the Visitor's gate at Sundance?

A. To gain entry to the community, (for visitors and/or deliveries) you must know the last name of the family you are visiting or the 3-digit entry code for the family. Entry codes are assigned to residents by the association's CP

A. You can find the last name of the family you are visiting by scrolling through the electronic list by pressing either A or Z on the visitor call box. Key in the code on the keypad at the visitor call box, and then press Call. The resident can open the visitor's gate by pressing #9 on your home phone (cellular & portable phones do not work). Please do not attempt to tailgate another vehicle through the gates. Residents, remember to give your 3-digit code to any visitors or delivery persons you are expecting.

¿En Español? Lea los instrucciones en Español para saber cómo entrar a Sundance utilizando el intercomunicador para visitantes. Ver abajo!

Q. How do I open the pedestrian gate?

A. To enter through the pedestrian gate, you must know the code and enter it on the keypad. For security reasons, this code is only given to residents and homeowners of Sundance.

Q. From whom can I obtain an Estoppel Letter?

A. Contact either the Association attorney, Barry Simons at 305.670.7020 or our Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) for the Association, Zimmerman & Alzate at 305-235-9515.

Q. How do I become a member of The Missions Homeowners Association?

A. Every homeowner automatically becomes a member of the association upon closing the sale of a home in Sundance.

Q. What is the annual fee for The Missions Homeowners Association and when is it due ?

A. The current annual homeowner's fee is $508.00 per year, and is due semi-annually. The first half ($254.00) is due on January 1st of every year. (The notice is sent via U.S. mail by November 30, so you have all of December to pay it). The second half ($254.00 is due on July 1st of every year. (The notice is sent via U.S. mail by May 30, so you have all of June to pay it). Be sure to pay your homeowners fees on time! The late charge is $10, if not paid by the 15th (of either January or July). If fees are not paid by the deadline at the end of the month (either January 31 or July 31) the case is turned over to a collection attorney who will charge additional attorneys fees and place a lien on the property.

Q. My gate transmitter does not work, what should
I do?

A. First, replace the 12-Volt battery inside the transmitter (obtainable from Radio Shack or Eckerd). If it still does not work, contact the CPA's office of Zimmerman & Alzate 305-235-9515 to verify that it is still activated (open up the transmitter to view the Serial Number). If the transmitter is defective you will need to purchase a new transmitter. Call Zimmerman & Alzate's for an appointment and the current price of a new transmitter.

Q. Does the association have an Architectural Committee?

A. Yes, in an effort to maintain a clean neighborhood and uniformity of the homes for real estate value in the community, the association's Architectural Committee provides a number of services to residents. A community trashcan is available for street litter, and only approved paint colors are used for the exteriors of homes. A pressure washer is available for use by homeowners free of charge. The committee also provides advice to homeowners about preparing for a storm by trimming trees and installing hurricane shutters. For more information see the FAQs page, or contact the association.

Q. How do I obtain permission from the Architectural Committee before I begin any work to change the exterior of my property?

A. Submit a letter to the Association's Architectural Committee including a plan or drawing of the work you propose to do. This includes major landscaping, new driveway, balcony enclosures, storm shutters, garage doors or any other structural changes. If in doubt contact the Association. Please include a check for $10.00 (no cash, please) payable to The Missions Homeowners Association, Inc. This processing fee must accompany your letter and proposal.

Q. May I install a TV satellite Dish Antenna on my property?

A. Yes, as long as it is not attached to the front, sides or roof of the house or any other location that is visible from the street directly in front of the house.

Q. Am I permitted to rent out my house?

A. Yes, provided the association is furnished with a copy of the lease agreement, which must be effective for a minimum of one year. A $1,500.00 escrow must be deposited with the Association. The deposit is refundable less a $50.00 administrative fee after the tenant moves out.

Q. What signs are permitted within the community?

A. The only sign that is permitted is a 12" X 12" For Sale sign to be posted on the front lawn of the property.

Q. Are garage sales permitted?

A. No, Garage Sales, Yard Sales, or any other type of business activities within the community are in violation of the Covenants and Bylaws of the Association and are not allowed.

Q. Are pets permitted?

A. Yes, pets are permitted as long as they are not allowed to run loose in the community. Pet owners are required to use a leash and clean up after their pets.

Q. May I park my pickup truck in the community?

A. Only if you park inside the garage, out of view from the street at all times, day or night.

Pickup trucks are not allowed to be parked where visible from the street.

Q. Where do I keep my garbage containers?

A. Garbage containers and recycling bins must be kept out of sight except on designated pick up days. Miami-Dade Waste Management workers will not pickup heavy, oversized garbage containers, or torn trash bags. The scheduled pickup days are Tuesday and Thursday mornings for garbage. RECYCLING is picked up Thursday mornings only. For more information, or for new or replacement recycling bins, call 305 633-3100 or 305-594-1500. You can also order new recycling bins via the web at www.miamidade.gov

Q. What are the public schools for this area?

A. The Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) designated for our community are: William Lehman Elementary, Arvida Middle School, and Miami Killian Senior High School. You can find out more about public schools by visiting http://www.dadeschools.net.

Q. I parked on the grass and my car was towed. Who should I call?

A. Parking on the grass or where posted near the entry gates is not permitted. If your vehicle was towed, contact Whitt's Towing Service, 305 226-9333, or visit 7051 SW 30 Road, Miami, Florida 33155.