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If you pull up to the entrance gate and it does not open immediately, it may be delayed because the accountant is making changes to the list of residents on the computer at his office. It takes between 2 to 5 minutes to transmit the new data to the visitor's call box. The word, "BUSY" will appear in the window of the call box during this transaction. Please be patient and wait for a few minutes for the transmission to be done. When it is complete, the gates will open when you use your transmitter, and you may enter. Do not attempt to force the barrier arm up or force the wrought iron gate open, as you will be held responsible for any damages.

If you are expecting visitors, whether friends, deliveries or services, you should remember to give your 3-digit code and remind them to drive through the visitor's gate (the middle gate). Your visitor(s) may call you from the visitor's call box by entering your 3-digit code and pressing the CALL button. (When your visitor(s) call, press 9 on your home phone and the tone will activate and open the middle gate.) There have been some instances when a resident pressed 9 to open the visitor's gate, but instead the visitor attempted to follow another resident through the resident's gate. This can result in damage to the vehicle, barrier arm and gate, for which the visitor will be held responsible. Please tell your visitors the correct and safe way to enter through the gates.

Bell South Telephone Company has advised the Association that certain portable home telephones will not open the visitor's gate when a resident presses 9. Please test your home telephone and if you have this problem with your portable telephone, use a telephone with a cord for opening the gate for your visitors. Of course, you cannot open the visitor's gate if your visitor calls you from a cellular telephone. Visitors must call you from the visitor's call box at the entrance gate.

A number of residents have reported that visitors have attempted to "tailgate" them through the resident's gate to gain entry to Sundance. This can be overcome by simply pulling through slowly leaving enough room behind your car to enable the barrier arm to drop, then proceeding. If the car attempting to follow you is a resident also, the driver will be able to enter using his or her own transmitter. Otherwise, the person who is "tailgating" is probably an unauthorized visitor and should not be admitted unless it is done through the visitor's call box by a resident of Sundance.


If you need to obtain one or more transmitters for the Resident's entrance gate, you must fill out a Gate Transmitter Application Form (available at the bottom of this page) and submit it to Mr. Zimmerman's office. For each transmitter, submit the fee required (cost listed below), a photocopy of each driver's car registration, and a photocopy of each driver's valid Driver License along with the application form.

If you are a new homeowner to Sundance, you must make an appointment with Mr. Zimmerman's office to register your name in the computer for a visitor's code. You will need to show proof of ownership, such as a Warranty Deed or other closing document.

Zimmerman's business hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. Please call first to arrange for an appointment to take care of transmitter business, as the office staff has a busy schedule and limited hours.

For questions about gate transmitters, please call the offices of ZIMMERMAN, the Certified Public Accountants in charge of all the business for gate codes and transmitters for Sundance. Please notify the CPAs if you have a change in family status or changes in rental arrangements of residents. Individual members of the Board cannot help you with gate codes or transmitters. You must be registered with the CPA's office in order to obtain a gate code for your visitors. Once you have registered and your name is entered in the system, it will automatically dial your home phone so that you can open the visitor's gate. Please contact the CPAs to register for your 3-digit visitor's code, order a new or replacement transmitter, and for all other problems or questions about gate codes or transmitters.

The current cost for each transmitter is $37.28, including tax. A check is accepted for this amount, payable to The Missions Homeowner's Association. In addition, there is a service charge of $5 per transmitter payable in CASH ONLY to Mr. Zimmerman's office. (The total amount for a new transmitter is $42.28) For all other transactions not involving newly issued transmitters, such as the sale of a home, new tenant transfers of transmitters, change of telephone numbers, etc., there is a charge of $5 per transaction.

For homeowners who wish to lease or rent their homes in Sundance, the same rules apply for tenants to apply for a transmitter. For each of the transmitter(s) requested, either the homeowner or the tenants needs to fill out an application form, include photocopies of the driver's information, pay the fees, and submit it to Mr. Zimmerman's office. For each rental property, the homeowner is required to make an escrow deposit of $1,500 and submit a copy of the current Lease or Rental Agreement with the Association for the records through Zimmerman's office.


Mr. Bob Marconi
Zimmerman, Marconi & Alzate, CPAs
13320 SW 128 Street
Miami, FL 33186
Business office: 305 235-9515
Fax telephone: 305 235-1387

Gate Transmitter Application Form (PDF document).